|| Tamsoma Jyotirgamay ||
lead us from darkness towards light

Lets emit our ray, It'll be a hope
Lets contribute our light, It'll be a change
because together we can!

Millions of people need our help,
lets do our part and ignite the flame

It's better to light a candle than
to curse the darkness


Jeevan Jyot Drug Bank (JJDB) is a non-government organization, working for providing better and affordable healthcare opportunities and medicines to the poor and underprivileged since 1996.JJDB mainly concentrates on distribution of expensive medicines in cheap rates/free to the needy and the poor. Patients suffering from illness like kidney illness, cancer, diabetes and many other.We also distribute medical equipment and costly machines like dialysis at various hospitals and organization so that we can help more and more people through our work.The JJDB has actively concentrated on patients suffering from kidney illness.JJDB trust also have very devotedly worked to help people suffering from eye problem, We have carried various successful camps and treated many patients with cataract, helped those having a vision problem. We took a step ahead by establishing an eye care hospital at the Shahapur district,Maharashtra, where the tribal and poor have received the benefit from it. A milestone of successful 2000 cataract operations have been conducted in the hospital.Jeevan Jyot represents the ray of hope, the flame of change, and the sunshine of human spirit.
Come, Contribute, Cure!!

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Kidney Illness

Helping people suffering from kidney related issues has remained the primary motive of JJDB. Treatment of such diseases is expensive and gruesome. JJDB provides all possible help to the kidney patients

Liver Illness

Liver diseases need uttermost attention and immediate treatment. JJDB supports the patients suffering from liver illness by all the possible ways.

Dental Care

We have a well-equipped and functional dental department to help the poor with dental treatment and oral health. The dental department devotedly serves the huge crowd of people who are deprived of good dental treatment.

Eye Care

The Eye care hospital of our trust has been the most successful step of the trust. With more than 2000+ cataract operation free of cost of tribal and poor community. Various camps have been conducted by JJDB.

Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes is one of the most widely spread disease, JJDB covers a large group of people by helping them fight against diabetes. JJDB actively participates in helping people suffering from diabetes.

Cancer Treatment

Cancer is among the most dangerous disease known to human kind in today’s generation.The JJDB provides relief in various ways to these cancer patients.



Dialysis machine set up in Gujarat & Maharashtra


Successful cataract operation of underprivileged


Patients provided with medicines per month